About Us

The Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Society

The Ag Society, a group of dedicated volunteer members, has been instrumental in contributing to the community, beginning with the construction of the Spruce Grove "Agrena" in 1972 (now a hockey and curling rink) and subsequently hosting an annual Agra Fair for 25 years. This event grew to become Western Canada’s largest Agricultural Fair.  In 1995, Honorary Lifetime Member and one of the Founding Fathers of the Society, George Sewell had the vision to save the last surviving Grain Elevator in Spruce Grove from demolition (there had been three on-site originally) a project the Society embraced with enthusiasm. They saw it as an opportunity to showcase the Agricultural roots of Spruce Grove and the heritage of the area by turning it into a tourist destination.

The 1958 Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator,  the last remaining wooden elevator to be seen traveling west on Highway 16A to the Pacific Coast, is preserved in full working condition. More than 1800 wooden grain elevators dotted the Alberta landscape at one time. Now it is closer to 100.

Several years later, the Ag. Society, with the outstanding outpouring of support, both financial and otherwise, from local business, sponsors, volunteers, and members, rescued the Old Town Water Tower from a nearby Farmer's Field, had it fully restored and erected at the Grain elevator site on a brand new set of legs!

Since that time, the Grain Elevator site has become a very busy venue hosting "old fashioned" carnivals and fairs, specifically tailored towards children, adults, and families. Each year, thousands of visitors from Canada and around the world stop by to visit the Grain Elevator Museum, Archives, and Farmers' Market. The Agricultural Society supports the Spruce Grove Archives, which preserves the documented history of the district, and the Spruce Grove Community Garden. 

Several annual summer fund-raising events such as Flapjacks at the Tracks Community Pancake Breakfast, the Farm & Heritage Carnival, and the Harvest Fair are hosted by the Ag Society and are very popular among community members and visitors. Events hosted at the Elevator Museum site are for the purpose of raising funds to support ongoing maintenance and preservation of the Grain Elevator and restored Water Tower, educational programs, and the proposed new building on site.

Significant Projects

2024 - "Paint to Protect" As part of our responsibility to protect the Elevator, we have engaged Alberta Historical Resources to assist us with assessing and overseeing the painting and restoration project.
2023 - Built the train station which replicates the original Spruce Grove Train Station.  Electrical and interior work is scheduled to be completed this fall.
2022 - Built the machinery display building, moved the donated Barn onto a permanent foundation. 
2018 - The Community Garden project was initiated between The Agricultural Society and the City of Spruce Grove 
2016 - Re-painting of the exterior, foundation wall repair, and front and back door replacement. 
2016 - 3 new flag poles installed. 
2016 - Moved a donated vintage 1940's era little red barn onto the Spruce Grove Grain Elevator Site. 
2012 - Painting and restoration of the wooden Grain Elevator. 
2011 - The restoration of the old Spruce Grove Water Tower that served Spruce Grove citizens until 1978.
2000 - ATCO donated a utility trailer for housing the Spruce Grove Archives. The interior was renovated by The Agricultural Society volunteers.
1972 - The construction of the Spruce Grove "Agrena" begain 


Board Members

PRESIDENT - Teresa Bateman    
VICE PRESIDENT - Gerry Lawrence    

SECRETARY - Jamielinn Marvelous      

TREASURER - Alison Munro          


All General Enquires can be emailed to;

Administrative Coordinator - Michelle Tokar


The Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Society is broken up in to different committees that allow it to run smoothly. The committees work on their projects with the help of the other committees and report to the board about the progress they have made. Find a list of the different committees below and their duties!


Agra Fair

We are currently in the planning phase for our upcoming Agra Fair 2024

We meet 2 times a month at the Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Society site at 7pm. 

Interested in getting involved? Come to the meeting and join one our sub committees! 

Our sub committees include: 
- Marketing 
- Sponsorship/adds  
- Volunteers 
- Agra fair 
- Bench show 
- Demonstration 
- Outdoors areas 
- Fireworks 
- Pancake breakfast 
- Main event


The Spruce Grove Archives strive to preserve Spruce Grove's history by preserving photography and written works.

> Collect local history and photos
> Record everything as it is received-accession, inventory and index
> Collect obituaries
> Answer queries from the public
> Describe local history to visitors


This committee primarily focuses on maintaining open communication within and outside the society.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference 
> Develop a process to communicate with and engage the membership-e.g. monthly newsletter 
> Develop a plan to use technology to communicate, share and manage information
> Establish a records management system 
> Develop a comprehensive external strategy (e.g. how do we reach out to the community)
> Develop a plan to effectively use social media, website, etc. for marketing and promotion 
> Co-ordinate a marketing strategy with other committees
> Develop alternate methods of communication other than just electronic 
> Prepare an annual committee budget by September 30th of each year

Community Garden

The community garden committee handles everything associated with the Spruce Grove Community Gardens.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference and documentation relating to the garden
> Plan and execute orientation program for gardeners
> Market the program
> Oversee gardening activity through the growing season (May-October) and ensure implementation of operating procedure
> Oversee cleanup of the plots in October and secure site for the winter
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th of each year


The events committee is responsible for planning and executing events run by the Society.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Evaluate events and programs for relevance, expansion and profitability
> Identify new opportunities for events
> In co-operation with the Finance Committee explore new opportunities to generate revenue
> Develop an annual plan for events and oversee the implementation of the plan for each event
> Develop a marketing plan for each event in co-operation with the Communications Committee
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th each year


This committee focuses on the financial aspects that keep the society running such as sponsors, donors, and grants.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Maintain financial records of the Society/prepare budget for the Society (these are the responsibility of the Treasurer who sits as a member of this committee)
> Establish goals and objectives for sponsorship/donation program in co-operation with the Events Committee
> Develop a comprehensive sponsorship/donation program
> Research and apply for available grants
> In co-operation with the Events Committee, explore new opportunities to generate revenue
> Prepare an annual committee budget by September 30th of each year


This committee deals with everything concerning the way that the society is run such as bylaws and policy.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Develop an annual Board orientation process
> Conduct an annual bylaw review to ensure compliance with the Agricultural Societies Act and Regulations
> Develop a Policy and Procedures manual and review process
> Prepare and review all necessary lease agreements for presentation to the Board
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th each year


The focus of this committee is on the hiring and training of employees of the society.

> The Chair of this committee is the Vice-president
> Develop a hiring process including preparation of job description, advertising available positions then screening and interviewing prospective candidates
> Establish a process for training and supervising staff
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th each year


The museum committee works to ensure proper care of the museum artifacts and donations to the society.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Evaluate new donations for suitability
> Maintain an ongoing electronic record of the collection
> Arrange items in an organized and educational display
> Identify individual items with a label indicating museum number
> Discard/sell items that do not fit our collection or are in poor condition
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th of each year


The nominating committee focuses on the nomination process of the Board.

> The Chair of this committee is the Past President
> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Develop a succession plan for Board members
> Develop a nominating process for Board members
> Present a slate of nominees for election at the AGM
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th of each year

Repair and Maintenance

This committee deals with the physical maintenance of the site such as regular repairs, lawn moving, and plant watering.

> Prepare a Terms of Reference
> Oversee and implement a plan for maintenance of the site
> Repair any equipment used for site maintenance
> Restore donated historical items
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th each year

Site Development

The site development committee strives to maintain and improve our current sites.

> Annually review the Terms of Reference
> Maintain current facilities and assess maintenance priorities
> Prepare a site improvement plan-execute all necessary operations to complete the plan
> In co-operation with the Events Committee identify additional revenue opportunities utilizing the facilities
> Prepare an annual budget for this committee by September 30th each year