The Spruce Grove Archives

Visits to the Archives are by appointment only.

Our Goal

The goal of the Archives is to collect, restore, and preserve the oral and written history of the area. With the help of the Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Society, the Archives have been able to achieve their goal for over 20 years. 

In collaboration with the City of Spruce Grove, the Spruce Grove Archives is developing a plan to improve access to our community history and your family stories. As such, all visits to the Archives are by appointment only at this time. We appreciate your support as our volunteers focus on this important work and adapt to new routines.  

Interested in sharing community history as a volunteer?  Contact us at

History of the Archives

The idea for the Spruce Grove Archives started at the Spruce Grove Library in 1999. In 2001 the Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Heritage Society agreed that this was an important part of preserving community history and became involved with this project. They moved a trailer onto the grain elevator site and renovations were done to make this building suitable for archival material. Over the years the archives collection has grown because of the hard work and dedication of its volunteer members.

Interested in the history of Spruce Grove and District? Access to the book As the Roots Grow: The History of Spruce Grove and District is now available onsite at the Spruce Grove Archives, 120 Railway Avenue, Spruce Grove, AB.

Your assistance in helping us preserve the history of this community is greatly appreciated!