What is the Agra Fair?

The Agra Fair is the Spruce Grove & District Agricultural Society's biggest event of the year. Spanning multiple days it holds several events. The event takes place during August 25th-27th.

Come down to the Agrena to see what is going on and make sure to check out our Agra Fair booklet for the events, times, and places.

We are holding Bench Shows, hosting local vendors, setting off fireworks, having a parade and much more, for more information on any of these events scroll down further.

The Agra Fair needs volunteers!

If you're interested, check out one of our planning meetings or the available volunteer slots for the weekend. If you're a student or are seeking work, we would be happy to provide you with a reference letter following your volunteer work. 

Agra Fair Planning Meetings

Join us at the elevator site to help plan this years Agra Fair! 

We are still looking for more volunteers to help plan this years Agra Fair! 

Meetings are in person from 7-8pm. Hope to see you there! 
March  28
April 11, 25 
May 9
June 6, 20 
July 4, 18 

For more information email us at agrafairsg@gmail.com

Bench Shows

A bench show is an indoor exhibit which showcases many different categories. Its purpose is to determine from a group of applicants who has the best in a certain category. Then it displays those exceptional representations of each category in an indoor exhibit.

Categories and links to sign up for bench shows. First place for each sub-category gets prizes!


Fruits, Veggies and Flowers
Cut flowers, Potted plants, Floral, Fruits, Vegetables, Junior Entries, and Community Garden.
1: Must be followed exactly
2: See Bench Show General Rules
3: All exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor, otherwise they will be disqualified.  No entries will be accepted which have been grown in any commercial market garden.
4: Exhibitors must supply their own containers and be responsible for same at the end of the show. Fruits and vegetables exhibited on white paper plates.
5: Professional florist and nurseries are excluded.
6: No added foliage unless specified.
7: All exhibits must be outdoor grown, exception of potted plants.
8: A.H.A. judges use Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticultural Shows. View on Alberta Government website. Available also from the Alberta Horticultural Association.
9: Noxious and prohibited noxious weeds are not permitted. For more information see Identification Guide for Alberta Invasive Plants. Available from the AHA.
10: All exhibits must be free from insects and disease.


Hobbies & Handicraft: 
Hobby & novelty work, Stitchery, Quilting, Sewing, and Crocheting & Knitting.
1: See general rules
2: All items to be handmade by exhibitor.
3: All names and identifying features must be covered.
Age Categories: 
Junior 15 and under
Adult 16 and over


Bread, Cookies, Squares, Cakes, Muffins, Loaves, and Junior Baking
1: See general rules
2: All pies must be baked in a foil pan and presented in a large zip lock bag or clear plastic dome.
3: All baking must be presented on a 22 cm white paper plate and in a large zip lock bag
4: Breads and Loaves must be presented in a clear plastic bag to size
5: No commercial entries.


Home Preserves: 
Pickles, Relish, Jams, Sauces, Beverages, 


Landscape, Animal Antics (domestic or wild), Flower or plant, close-up, Character study portrait - human subject, Agriculture theme, Texture (black & white)
1: See general rules
2: All framed or mounted 8 x 10 inches, non edited.
3: All photos can be color or black and white and must have been taken between August 2022 and August 2023.
Age Categories: 
Junior -15 and under
Adult -16 and over


Creative Kids: 
Lego & Models, Poem or Stories, 3D Pen art, Freehand Drawing, Freehand Painting, Diorama Shoe Box
1: See general rules
2: Entries must be done with in the last year.
3: Entries must be labelled with tags provided (no name can be visible)
4: Stories and poems will be judged on content, neatness, grammar and punctuation.  Presented in a protective cover. Original work should be verified by a parent.
5: Only two entries per person in each category.
6:  Lego and Model Kits to be received in a cardboard box to fit
7: 3D Pen Art to be received in a cardboard box to fit
8: Free hand drawings and paintings to be framed or mounted and ready to hang    
Age Categories: 
6 and under    
7 to 11 years
12 to 15 years

Musical Performances

Best of Parkland Music Competition!

If you're a local musician, we'd love to present you with an opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

Vocal performances are preferred, but bands may be accommodated.

Email all applications to elevatorsprucegroveagsociety@gmail.com. Music must be family friendly, but beyond that, all acts are welcome. 

Agra Fair Parade

The Agra fair parade is coming! Sponsored by Victor Moroz.

Come and see the floats, collect candy, and have a good time at this community event. 

There will be a Kids Bike Parade accompanying the Agra Fair Parade. Decorate your bike for a chance to win prizes in either the 5-10 or 10-16 age categories.

For any parties interested in participating in the parade (kids included), first read through the Parade Package for all rules and regulations.



Pancake Breakfast

Colouring Contest

Country Hoe Down


Bench Show Vendors